Why Twitter is failing, and what their demise would be

This is one of my biggest frustrations with Twitter (the frustrations have mounted over the last 18 months):

Have you ever seen a DM (direct message) in your email inbox with that exact message?

I get them regularly… probably once or twice a week for over a year.

Clicking on this link will infest my account with gremlins and probably spam all of my followers.

It’s a great virus/scam.  People are always like “oh my gosh… a picture of me? And it is an LOL, so it is either flatter, cool or embarrassing!  I’m so cool/vain I better click on it. ROFL!”

These very few words totally play into human nature.

I do not understand how Twitter continues to let this type of crap perpetuate their social network.

Why isn’t some brainiac at Twitter saying “Oh, we should filter messages that say “Did you see this pic of you? lol” and then have a bit.ly link.


Why have they not done it?

There are third party apps/services that you can subscribe to to keep the spam down, but in my opinion this is Twitter’s responsibility and obligation.  They MUST work to keep this crap out of their system, and from what I’ve seen they don’t care.

Every single time I get another spam message from Twitter I think it’s another nail in their coffin.

I am dumbfounded.

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