Should I make a book out of my blog(s)?

A buddy, Steve Duncan, has some cool blogs.  Here’s a post I came upon that I want to keep. Is there a book in your blog? Convert WordPress to Scrivener

I’ve not wanted to create a “book” out of my blogs (especially the JibberJobber blog) for a few reasons.

One blogger said that blogs make horrible books, and I think I agree.  To connect my blog posts together into something that flows, and the value grows as you read each page, would take a lot of work.  As a blogger I write what I want when I want, I don’t follow a schedule and plan throughout a year or month.  I might have a week-long series, but that’s as sophisticated as I get as far as flow.

Almost seven years later, though, I think it makes sense to pull certain posts out to create several books.  Seven years of writing is A LOT!

I could have a book on personal branding.

I could have a book on job search technology and very specific tips.

I could have a book on career management.

I could have a book on LinkedIn. Oh wait, I already have that :p

I could write a book on alternative revenue streams.  Oh yeah, already working on that.

Perhaps I could pull enough posts together (and fill in the blanks) to write a book on small business, and the ups and downs.

Interesting.  I really have put this off for a long time but when I saw Steve’s post it made me think maybe it’s time.  One reason is because I have a feeling I need some new “products” that I can either move/sell OR just get some buzz around.

I’ll have to noodle on this idea… in my “spare time.” :p


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