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Jason Alba

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LinkedIn book: I'm on LinkedIn - Now What???


Short Bio:

Jason Alba is the founder and CEO of JibberJobber.com, a website that replaces the job search spreadsheet. As author of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? Jason speaks to thousands of professionals each year and helps tens of thousands manage their networks and careers.  Follow Jason on Twitter: @JasonAlba

General Bio:

Jason Alba is the CEO and creator of JibberJobber.com, a web-based system to organize and manage a job search and networking.  Jason is a certified Personal Branding Strategist and popular blogger and speaker about career management and social tools for professionals.  Jason wrote I’m on LinkedIn Now What???, one of the first books on using LinkedIn.  He also wrote I’m on Facebook – Now What??? and 51 Alternatives to a Real Job. Jason has created over 30 soft skills and professional development courses for Pluralsight, and continues to direct JibberJobber development.  Jason has an IT and business background and earned a Computer Information Systems degree and an MBA.

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