Myspace: the company that won’t die

I think MySpace led the way for what we now call social networking.

Except it got weird and creepy and had stigmas attached.

Apparently it just won’t die.  Here’s the latest on how it is seeking $50M and wants to relaunch as a music business, to compete with Spotify and Pandora.

Interesting.  My first thought was “why be a ‘spotify killer,’ why not just be your own thing?

My second thought was “this makes a lot of sense, since music is probably what has kept MySpace alive.”

It will be interesting to see what happens….

2 thoughts on “Myspace: the company that won’t die

  1. Jason Post author

    That was my first thought. But if MySpace can do it with indie artists, which is who I think they had the best relationship with before, and not go mainstream and pop like the pandora, maybe there is room.

    But my heavens, it’s amazing to me (as a boostrapper) that companies think they need to raise gobs of money… $50M?? No wonder investors only count on getting a return from 1 out of 10 investments.

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