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I hate that GoToWebinar saves a recording in a proprietary format. It makes it hard to do anything with the recording.

Paul Teague has a post titled “How to process GoToWebinar video” and it has been a life saver for me.

What I did was step 2 (download Windows Media Encoder) and then Step 3, on how to import the file and then convert it with WME.

This has been a lifesaver for me – it works!


Realizing that I don’ thave control over Paul’s site, and I hope that post never goes away, I figured I should put the Step 2 and Step 3 here:

2) Download Windows Media Encoder onto your PC.

If you need to know whether you need 32-Bit or 64-Bit check here.

Windows Media Encoder basically allows other users to view the video file that you have made using Windows Media Player.

It does what the second option does in the integrated GoToWebinar options (see image above) but it does it at a time of your suiting, probably not immediately after the webinar.

3) Next you need to follow these instructions, and my thanks to Malc who passed these on to me:

1. Select “Start”, then “Programs”
2. Choose “Windows Media”, then click “Windows Media Encoder”
3. Select “Convert a File”, then “OK”
5. Select “Browse” next to Source file: and find your GoToWebinar video
6. Choose “File Download” and click “Next >”
7. Select “Next >”, no changes
8. Select “Next >” again, no changes
9. Uncheck “Begin converting when I click Finish”
10. Click “Finish”
11. Select the “Properties” button
12. Click the “Compression” tab
13. Click the “Edit” button
14. Highlight whatever is in the Bit Rates box
15. Click “Edit”
16. Check the box for “Same as video input”
17. Select “OK”
19. Click “Apply”
20. Click “Start Encoding”

(Info provided by Malc from – thanks Malc!)

Thanks again Paul!

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