Seth Godin (The Dip) vs. Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann (stay with it)

I reviewed Seth Godin’s The Dip book a while back. One of the major messages is that if you are going down the wrong path, stop, turn around, and do something else.

I agree with what Seth says… don’t keep doing bad stuff.

The art of doing that right might be recognizing when you really are on a bad path.

Bad != hard

I think too many people are on a very hard, long and seemingly torterous path, and they don’t get the results they think they should get, and they say “I’m must be on a dead-end, bad path,” and they quit.

Right before they could have been successful.

Pinterest is the lucky (luck = when opportunity meets preparation?) overnight sensation (overnight = they started years ago, and drudged along for a long time before they were an overnight sensation).

Check out this awesome, inspiring writeup AND short video interview with founder Ben Silbermann at TechCrunch: Pinterest’s Unlikely Journey To Top Of The Startup Mountain

I am a little hesitant writing this post because some of you should quit, and move on… but maybe you shouldn’t.

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