Serial Micro Entrepreneur

I am working on 101 Alternatives to a Real Job and including another suggestion from my cousin Jordan.  Jordan is more entrepreneurial than I am.  He’s made money in a bunch of different ways, and while writing about him today the phrase came to mind:

Serial micro-entrepreneur

I googled it, sure that I’d find thousands of blog posts about it, but I really didn’t find anything.  Wierd, huh?

Here’s a breakdown of the phrase:

  • Serial: Does a number of them, one after another, or at the same time.
  • Micro: does stuff at a very small level.  Not anything that will become the next Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, but many small things can provide healthy streams, if combined with others.
  • Entrepreneur: you know what this is already 🙂

That’s the phrase that came to mind immediately… and it is the perfect way to describe Jordan 🙂

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