101 Alternatives to a Real Job, The Guinea Pig (me)

Did you know I’m writing a book titled 101 Alternatives to a Real Job?  One of the alternatives seems really easy and fun, and has potential to make good money.  And, I can involve my kids!

Yesterday I went on a 1.5 mile walk and all but one house needed this service.  It was a nice day (even though today I’m looking at snow outside!!), and I was convinced I was ready to try this out.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try it out as long as it’s nice – through October.

This morning I bought a kit to start a business spraying numbers on curbs.

I didn’t check with the city yet… but I’m pretty sure it will be okay.  I might have to get a license to solicit door-to-door.  I also have no idea how the competition is… maybe this is a saturated market. I’ll never find out, though, until I get out and knock on doors.  I’m sure I’ll recoup my $200 investment (I haven’t bought the paint yet, which should be about $50).

The kit I bought (the biggest: Master Kit) from Express Your Address. It includes a ton of stuff (except the paint):

I got a 10% discount because of a current special they have, plus free shipping (since it was over $50):

From what I read, I should be able to make that up in a day, easily.

Now, the fun part. I’ve recruited my two oldest kids (11 and 14), and I’m sure the 8 year old will beg to go with us… My goal is to see if, together, we can have a $500/day.  They say we should be able to clear $300.  I’m not sure how many hours that is.

This weekend I’ll try and pick up the paint (I’ve gotten instructions on which paint to get, which colors, and the estimated price).  And then we’ll start knocking on doors.

Cool, huh?


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