Eight Lunches Update

Folks… WOW.  I asked for help and you came through, thank you!

I closed the comments from the original post because feedback is coming in and I need to digest it all and take time to rework the book.  This will be the third draft… and then I’ll send it out for another round of review.  Anyone who leaves a comment on THIS post will get an email with that draft, hopefully in the next few weeks.

I’ll share some feedback that I’ve gotten as soon as I get permission from the people who have given feedback.


59 thoughts on “Eight Lunches Update

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  2. Don Orlando


    When you’re ready, I can help with the next review of your book. Good luck on this new endeavor.

  3. Jason Post author

    thanks Don – just so everyone knows – when you leave a comment you get on the list, even if you don’t hear a confirmation from me 🙂

  4. Mitch Seehusen


    I loved your presentation last evening @ NSA Mountainwest. It was clear, concise and engaging. It reminded me of one of my favorite philosopies. Less is more. I would love to read your work so far on eight lunches. I mentioned your project to Russell Lookadoo as well.

    My experience as an entepenuer has taught me many things “Not To DO” when you own your own business. I am certain this new project will be a smashing success for you!

  5. J. Hollingsworth

    Jason – having been a book editor and now Job Seekers Network director it will be a pleasure to see your draft. J. Hollingsworth

  6. Simon Rickard

    Hi Jason, I am very happy and willing to review the draft here in the UK. Good luck with it.

  7. Ellie

    Jason – Enjoyed reading your second draft and would look forward to receiving the third. I’m also curious to see if you incorporate any of my suggestions!

    Happy writing – “Evangelist Ellie”

  8. Brian Miller

    Hello Jason. I received your message and yes, I would like to receive an updated draft. I understand office moving all too well: two times in six years. Which was actually like four moves.

    Take care

  9. Kevin Kermes


    I’d be more than happy to review the book – sounds like a great concept!

    Great webinar the other day, BTW. I think it will do well for us both!



  10. Elizabeth Craig

    Hi Jason:
    I am always happy to help you! Just let me know what your needs are! Cheers! Continue to enjoy working on this next book! Best regards, Elizabeth Craig

  11. G. Jay Christensen

    Jason, interested in your Eight Lunches concept book. Sounds like you are combining entrepreneurship and networking.

    Would you like an educator’s viewpoint for reviewing your third draft?

    Best, Dr. Jay
    Twitter: @RealMenReadJay

  12. VelDean Fincher

    Hi, Jason!

    Loving my use, so far, of JibberJobber. I would love to give feedback on your next edition of your book. (If it helps, I am an excellent proofreader, and an author as well.)

    Thanks for the info that you have shared previously!

    Warm regards,

    VelDean Fincher
    Marketing & Communications

  13. Joel Dubow

    I would be pleased to review your new book. I have experience in this area as a former editor for McGraw Hill and an author of many publications myself.

  14. Dan Rink

    As a career coach who has heard you speak, I’m delighted that you are now addressing the deeper social and psychological issues that plague job seekers and entrepreneurs in this turbulent economy. I’ll be happy to review your next draft.

  15. Candice Szeliga

    Thank you for coming out to Charlotte and speaking to so many people who truly appreciate your warmth, engagement, and humor in a difficult period of time.

  16. Carolyn Finn

    Hi Jason, I’d be happy to read your draft and provide feedback. Thanks, Carolyn.

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  18. Elizabeth Craig

    Hi Jason,
    I am honored to be involved in another round of review! I also plan to provide an endorsement. Can’t wait! Cheers! Enjoy! You are getting closer and closer to your goal! Best regards, Elizabeth Craig

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