Gmail Team: Please Fix This


Taking a quick break from my book thingy

I have migrated over to Gmail and Google Apps (which allows me to have gmail functionality on my business email) completely … and I have one major beef that would be simple to fix.

In Outlook, when I start a new email, or reply, my EMAIL SIGNATURE is put at the top of the message, no matter how long the message was (in other words, even if I’m replying to a message it is at the top, NOT the bottom).

In Gmail, if I reply to a message my EMAIL SIGNATURE is put at the BOTTOM of the entire thread… which means I have to go to the bottom, cut the sig, go back to the top and paste it.  It’s a pretty lame way of doing it… and I’m guessing just an oversite… but seriously, you’d make my life 10 times easier if you just put the signature at the top of the email on all messages (new and replies)…

What do ya think – can you do that for me?  Pretty please?

UPDATE: Twitter works!  Gmail didn’t necessarily fix it because of Twitter, but I got my solution from Julius Solaris:

That link is a step-by-step description of how to accomplish what I want using Google Labs – it’s basically another setting I just had to turn on…. THANK YOU Julius – and Gmail – get that out of labs 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gmail Team: Please Fix This

  1. Kathy Bitschenauer

    Hi, Jason,
    Thank you for sharing this tech tip. Very helpful!


    ~Kathy B.

  2. David Drescher

    There is a google labs feature that lets you put the signature at the top or bottom. Wisestamp is another solution.

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