Eight Lunches Update

Folks… WOW.  I asked for help and you came through, thank you!

I closed the comments from the original post because feedback is coming in and I need to digest it all and take time to rework the book.  This will be the third draft… and then I’ll send it out for another round of review.  Anyone who leaves a comment on THIS post will get an email with that draft, hopefully in the next few weeks.

I’ll share some feedback that I’ve gotten as soon as I get permission from the people who have given feedback.


59 thoughts on “Eight Lunches Update

  1. Laurie Berenson

    Hi Jason, if you’re still looking for reviewers, I’d love to read through your second draft. I missed the first draft, so I’ll bring a fresh perspective.

  2. VelDean Fincher

    Hi, Jason!

    I just finished reading and making a few notes on Eight Lunches. I’ve enjoyed the read, and will be putting several of the points to work in my business right away.

    I AM sending you a Word doc back with just a few comments through Track Changes, because they needed specific reference points in the doc.

    This is the type of exchange that I would have (and HAVE had) with a mastermind partner or group, so it is realistic to me.

    I’d love to add an endorsement to your finished book, and I’ll send that with the suggestions I am sending on today.

  3. Lyle Crocker

    Hi Jason. Just got your email. Would love to help. Feel free to email the latest/next draft to me when you’re ready for some more feedback.

  4. Shirley Rowe

    Hi Jason,
    Always glad to review any new books or editions. Count me in! Thanks

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