Finally – Real Graphics For My Products!

Tonight I breath a big sigh of relief as I finally get some stuff I’ve been wanting for a LONG TIME!

I’ve had a bunch of information products for a while but have not got the pages that describe them well enough… the closest I’ve gotten was the LinkedIn for Job Seekers page, which someone else designed for an outbound email marketing campaign.

Not sure what took me so long, but tonight I got back images from my designer for the webinar/information products… here they are:

Social Marketing for Job Seekers – this one is the glue to many of the others below – how does Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging, etc. all fit into the mix?  This is kind of like an overview and an introduction, but packed with meat of its own. (note: I just added this image on 10/5/09)


Blog Marketing 201 – 501 – one of my favorites… this is about 2 hours where I share what I did as a blogger to get significant business growth.  No holds barred – there is a LOT of meat in this webinar.


Write Your Book: Another favorite – the first group of attendees on this webinar (which is now recorded) have books out.  How cool!  About 45 minutes.


Twitter for Job Seekers: I have wanted to do this for a long time and finally was ready – this is an awesome wrap-your-brain-around-twitter, especially for professionals and executives.


Job Search Tips from a Recruiter: Craig Goldberg, a recruiter with years of experience, shares what all job seekers should know about their job search.  VALUABLE ADVICE!


Facebook for Job Seekers: haven’t done this one yet but it will be recorded soon.  No crap or hype here, this is all about getting professional value from Facebook.


Blogging for Job Seekers: Job seekers who are professionals MUST blog … or get left behind.  I’ve been critiquing professionals’ blogs for years and am passionate about this strategy – learn my advice and get strategy and tactics here.


Yahoo Groups for Job Seekers – this could be elists or email forums or something like that, for job seekers…


What about the ones that aren’t linked?  News on that is coming soon – I have a new way to deliver them….

2 thoughts on “Finally – Real Graphics For My Products!

  1. Jeff

    Hi Jason,
    (Great new graphics!)
    I simply asked Mitchell Levy who is his favorite and best speaker and he said “Hands down, it is YOU Jason Alba!”

    So I must look at your sites and Blogs and see and learn and experience what makes YOU tick please!

    I look forward to learning more about YOU and hopefully seeing you “LIVE” soon?

    Best, Jeff Werner

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