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If you followed my Multiple Streams of Income posts on JibberJobber you would know that I am an executive editor for my publisher for the Now What??? series.  I have lofty goals for this series… and today is a special day.  Why?  Check out part of an email I just got:

Hi Janet,

Congrats! Your book is officially at the printer. I’ll keep you
up to speed on how that goes and when we can ship you your

Your eBook is now live on the Happy About shopping cart. Feel
free to start sending folks there. It’s also attached.

Have a great weekend.


How terrific is that?

The first book was I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? (currently in it’s second edition), the second was I’m on Facebook — Now What???, and this is officially the third book in my series!

Congratulations to Janet, newest author – Sept 4, 2009 is a special day for you!  The next special day is when a box of YOUR books arrives at your door – what a thrill!

Janet wrote a terrific blog post titled The Journey of Writing a Book.

I have a webinar that you should get if you think you have a book in you called Write Your Book.

2 thoughts on “Now What Update

  1. Janet Meiners Thaeler

    The title of author is one I’m proud to have! I just rediscovered my love of reading books with my new Kindle (see It makes the experience much better. I’m happy about my book being on a Kindle.

    Thanks for your encouragement and support! Your book inspired me. Everyone says you can’t make money from writing a book. You have. I’ve seen the credibility and trust it’s built for you. These are the extra benefits that gave me motivation to complete mine.

    Thanks for being a friend and mentor for several years. I’ll never forget the day I lost my job. It was the day after you asked me to write about what I’d do if I lost my job tomorrow. It’s all been and continues to be a great journey.

    Blog (and write) on,

  2. Jason Post author

    Janet – I’m excited to have you onboard – your book is excellent and you are in a position to do a lot as a published author 🙂

    I remember that post – it was a *funny* set of circumstances (you write post then lose your job)…. it has been a fun journey!

    Hope to see you in November, 2010, at the Now What??? Author Conference!

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