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Here’s a site I meant to bookmark… the model seems super-cool… I was trying to remember what it was, and even asked on Twitter a while back, but could not forthelifeofme figure it out.

Until recently.

I finally came across 99 Designs (again)… it is contest based.  As of now they say they have 35,359 “talented designers” who are anxious to participate in contests for logo design, website design, etc.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1: create your design brief (costs $39 USD)

Step 2: set your budget (usually from $100 to $600, paid to the person who wins the contest)

Step 3: work with the designers (rate the designs and give feedback to those who submit designs)

Step 4: choose your favorite design (YOU choose the winner and then get the art with the copyright)

I don’t have any projects right now, and honestly would rather hire a full-time graphics designer,… but I absolutely love this idea.

3 thoughts on “99 Designs – graphics artists contests

  1. Helen Clement

    Before you use 99Designs, please read this . When you use a site like 99 Designs, you are risking accepting stolen work.

    I am not connected to The Logo Factory in any way. I am simply passing on their article because I think it is an excellent explanation and warning.

  2. Helen Clement

    I see the url I attempted to provide for you isn’t going to post. I’ll try writing it out.

    Please read the article at www dot thelogofactory dot com slash logo_blog slash index dot php slash anti-spec-work-parable before using 99Designs.

    Or, since you’re moderating comments, you could just fix my comment so it’s readable, I guess. Thanks.

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