It’s good to have friends like Chip Hartman

I have liked Chip Hartman from the minute I met him… I love his creativity and sense of humor.  And he’s a genuinely cool guy, to boot!  Here’s an image he made for my new boy (this is not a pic of my son) – click the image to go to Chip’s site:

Thanks Chip – very clever!

2 thoughts on “It’s good to have friends like Chip Hartman

  1. Chip Hartman

    I had some fun with this and very glad you liked it.

    Giving some serious thought to approaching Twitter Execs about my new idea: “GPS-Twitter” (“What are you doing AND where are you doing it?”)

  2. Thomas E. Kenny

    Excellent work as usual, Chip!

    Regarding GPS-Twitter I believe there is an app for the BlackBerry called TweetGenius which permits you to included your GPS location on your tweet. Assuming that is what you mean by “GPS-Twitter”.

    However, I have not tried it yet.

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