Stuff That Makes Me Proud – MENG Endorsement of JibberJobber

I recently became a partner of MENG, which is the Marketing Executives Networking Group organization (similar to FENG (financial), TENG (technical), etc.).  I’ve always respected these long-lasting organizations, and it really makes me proud to see this, on the bottom of the main MENG website:

I think that’s pretty dang cool!

1 thought on “Stuff That Makes Me Proud – MENG Endorsement of JibberJobber

  1. Mike Mastracci

    Hello and Happy New Year. I hope I am commenting to the right post, about book pricing. You can’t please them all and if any one has ever tried to write a book they would appreciate the time and effort it takes and probably feel that any book is worth more than yours is priced at even if it is material that can otherwise be found within 2 hours. Also, that is probably BS anyway from someone upset about parting with a buck. Keep writing! Mike

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