Mission Accomplished – Inbox 0

Check this out – I finally accomplished my lifelong goal to get my inbox under control.  I grabbed this just a few minutes ago:

See that?  NO email in my inbox!  Yeehaw!  or w00t or yippee or whatever.

The thing is, I didn’t get to this monumentous point by abiding by the Tim Ferriss 4 hour work week ideas, or by applying Nerd Guru’s ideas (using GTD), or by listening to Kent Blumberg’s tips

I got to this point by accidentally, permanently deleting every singe message that was in my inbox – almost 600 messages.

Yeah, it sucks big time.  But I can’t really do anything about it.  Dangit.  Sometimes the grass isn’t greener…

1 thought on “Mission Accomplished – Inbox 0

  1. Kent Blumberg

    Ah man. Shoulda listened to those tips! Won’t it be interesting to see what happens or doesn’t happen as a result. Hope we’ll hear a follow-up report…


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