Why I Blog – 28 Months Later

I just saw a thread on a LinkedIn Bloggers pointing to Dennis Kennedy’s Why I blog post.  He quips he blogs because he can’t play the guitar (me too) :p  One of his commentors say “I blog because if I didn’t, I’d explode.”

Fun stuff!

Made me think, though, why I blog.  I’ve been blogging almost every day at the JibberJobber blog for two main reasons (off the top of my head… there are other reasons): SEO and community.

If I don’t blog frequently, I think I’ll lose out on building a solid community (where’s Jason??), and google will think I’m not that important.  But super-frequent blogging (once a day) seems to appease both of those.

Oh yeah, I also blog because I get to develop great relationships with people.  Otherwise I’d just be a website service with no voice, name or personality.  But people learn what drives me nuts, and what makes me happy.  And our relationships can go beyond corporate.  That’s huge.

I started the LinkedIn blog before I finished my book, so that I could build a community there for people who read my LinkedIn book, or were looking for LinkedIn help.  Again, SEO and community.  But it’s been a great tool to help me collect information, thoughts and stories around LinkedIn.  I’ve been pretty good about updating that blog, usually getting in at least one post a week.

I started the Facebook Advice blog with Jesse Stay for the same reason, although we both have been pretty bad at keeping that as updated as we should have kept it.  I really want to resolve that.  I just need another me, and a few more hours a day.  As it is, sleep is getting in my way of being as productive as I want to be 😉

I started this Jason Alba blog because there are things I want to jot down, share, think about, etc. that just don’t fit anywhere else.  Like some very cool You Tube videos I found.  Are rants, or raves… stuff that was just off-brand for my other pages.  I had to clean up my tone a bit when I made this my professional speaker’s page though.

Maybe, at the end of the day, I blog because I’m addicted to blogging.

Or wait, maybe it’s because blogging is therapeutic.

Whatever it is, I can’t image not blogging.

2 thoughts on “Why I Blog – 28 Months Later

  1. Patrick DiDomenico

    Hi Jason,

    I wish I could take credit for the “I blog because if I didn’t, I’d explode.” comment on Dennis Kennedy’s “Why I blog” post, but that was Jordan Furlong’s comment.

    Mine was the clever Smokey and the Bandit reference. 😉


  2. Randi Bussin

    Great post and I agree that blogging does build a sense of community and allows you to connect with others-our partnership is a great example of that.

    I also like to blog because I like to research employment trends, hot industries and just about everything that affects job search and career transition. I find it fascinating.


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