Blog Comments that Fail!

Here’s another spam comment I got.  Interestingly enough, the comment is RIGHT ON BRAND.  It is a part of the conversation… it complements what I’ve said, and fits in nicely.  Can you see the problem?

The post was How to find a job in a recession… and the comment was right on, right!  Here’s my problem:

  1. Look at the name: California Mortgage | Home Loan | Refinance … that doesn’t look very personable.
  2. The URL,, has nothing to do with my topics.  I can get around that, maybe, but the clincher was the email address:
  3. … if this had someone’s name, I *might* have let it through, since it was on-topic.

Alas, I get so much spam on my blog I don’t even look at the spam folder anymore.  I simply go in every few months and delete all spam.  Soon enough I’ll have over 500,000 spam comments that Akismet has caught:

This comment is a big FAIL!

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