What it takes to Go Big from the Go Big Always blog

When I first read this blog title it reminded me of Amway.  I thought it was going to be a lot of hype.  It would be the same ol’ cliche things you always read about:

  • be brave
  • be creative
  • be intuitive (in touch with the market, etc.)
  • nurture relationships
  • and, of course, execute.

If it were a post about that stuff, with the same ol’ cheer leading, I wouldn’t talk about it here.

In fact, each of the five points above are the same five points in the What it takes to Go Big blog post.  But you HAVE TO click over to see the post.  It’s fascinating, and even if you don’t READ any of the descriptive paragraphs, the images say it all.  AWESOME post.

Hat tip to Chris Brogan on Twitter who shared the link.

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