The Yahoo Group Movement

I’ve been preaching Yahoo Groups as social tools, and recently started a new Yahoo Group as part of my marketing makeover.

I got the idea a few days ago and it got me really jazzed. Kind of (KIND OF) modeling it off of what FlyLady has done (not as intrusive, though), I’ll send out ONE actionable career management tip each day (probably limited M-F). I came up with about 30 things already, and am tapping into my partners for more.

Since I set up the JibberJobber One Thing Group, I have made a few necessary changes as a Group owner:

  1. Change all permissions so members can’t see other members, add links, etc.  Privacy is key, but I also want to have control over what’s going on here, and not worry about moderation.  Kind of non-social, I know, but the purpose of this tool is not to create community and a collaborative environment, rather to get information out. 
  2. Update my JibberJobber logo.  I set the Group up on Wednesday and had two short sentences.  Today I put in a tiny bit of eye candy… well, I put in a logo with colors and stuff.  Definitely a must-do imho.
  3. Updated the copy on the front page.  Two sentences aren’t enough… I now have a few short paragraphs AND links to relevent websites (JibberJobber and LinkedIn).  I went to the My Virtual Power Forum for ideas on what could/should be on that front page.  I hope this is compelling but can update it anytime I want.

I also blogged about it, and I tweeted it a few times, and there are 47 members.  I need to promote it elsewhere, which I’ll do over time.  For now this is a good start.

Next on my list, read Kathie Thomas’ posts about Yahoo groups:

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Let me know what else I need to know!  I think the key for me now is to GET THE POSTS OUT daily!

1 thought on “The Yahoo Group Movement

  1. Nancy B

    What I love about FlyLady is the schedule… set things to do on set days of the week… weekly concentration areas that rotate monthly.

    I would love tips and suggestions and resources on how to do spring cleaning in my market so that I know the right online groups, trade shows, local networking groups :-).

    Great idea Jason! Can’t wait to see where you go with it!

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