Where to submit press releases

I’m going to keep a running list of places to submit press releases here, since I have to do my own :p

From YoungPRPros mailing list:

http://www.openpr.com – “…works well, it appears very quickly in Google News, and you can add an image (which most often than not, also appears in Google News). The only downside is that you can’t embed hyperlinks.” (hat tip to Livia Squires for the site and Rachel Hawkes for the comments on the site) Update from Livia – you can embed hyperlinks – see her example here.

From another Yahoo! list (11/8/07):

http://www.prfree.com UGH – I registered, but can’t complete without printing out a pdf, signing it and then faxing it in. I don’t have a fax machine yo!

http://www.free-press-release.com easy to do, here’s my first submission (no registration required)







Props to Linda Blatchford.

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