Professinal invitation

I just got an invitation to go to a professinal networking meeting. I think I’m going to pass.


Here’s the deal. I know you don’t have an editor – and you are marketing to professionals in transition. So it doesn’t matter if you make a typo, right?

But these are the same professionals that get called on the carpet for any tiny error like this. Some of them have jeapordized their careers because of a mass mailing with a typo.

I won’t even go into other discrepancies that I’ve seen along these lines. Not until I get worked up enough about them :p

Yes, I’m a blogger, book author, columnist etc. And I make mistakes too, lots of them. I am just happy I’m not the only one!

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  1. Char

    That’s too much. I saw something similar yesterday – my son’s middle school had all their agendas printed up (1000+ kids) with some basic school information in the front. One heading was “Standards of Leaning Test Preparation” – Yikes! Doesn’t the school have someone that knows the difference between leaning and learning?

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