MyBlogLog down??

I fear this quite a bit with my own site. And I can only imagine the day is coming. But I’m wondering how a site that most blogs link back to can be down for “maintenance” during the day… on a Monday?? Who knows. Anyway, you can see the URL, their message, and the PR (7). Please please please don’t let it happen to me :/

Side note: I’m trying to figure out if their blog being down precludes my cool mug shot being on a site that has the widget installed. I can’t figure it out as some sites appear to have me there but others don’t even show the widget (but did yesterday). Who knows.

Yes, I really do have JibberJobber open in the first tab. Want to know why? Because every time I open a browser I want to know my site is still up. It’s a habit I got from the years I spent as a webmaster :p


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