Daisy Martinez: where exactly is Spain?

latin_america.pngI overheard Daisy Cooks host Daisy Martinez this morning talking about sofrito (which is, freaking awesome). She said it’s the cornerstone of Latin American country food… and listed a few countries. And for good measure she slipped Spain in.

Wow, I didn’t know what Spain was part of Latin America. Isn’t there a big puddle between, um, Spain and Latin America? Maybe it is if you look at those really, really old maps before the continents shifted :p

Oh well, she is right, sofrito rocks.

3 thoughts on “Daisy Martinez: where exactly is Spain?

  1. Karin H.

    Hi Jason

    You’d be amazed about where people think place, countries are if they only have rudimentary geographical ‘knowledge’.
    Saw a holiday program once where a Dutch tv-presenter asked Dutch tourist on the Costa Del Sol to point out on a large world-map where they were.
    Even Switzerland (completely surrounded by land!) was pointed at 😉

    (Or that program I saw on the Dutch television where Americans in the US of A were asked to point out The Netherlands on a large map = Iceland, Africa, Ukraine etc 😉 – never knew The Netherlands was that big)

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  2. daisy

    Thanks for pointing out the very obvious, Jason. I always include Spain in my list of all things Latino, because it is a very common denominator in the history of all of Latin America. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear enough in the interview, but I can assure you, having traveled through the country several time, I am perfectly aware of where Spain lies.

  3. Leah

    When you are an Australian (like I am) this sort of confusion about where countries are is quite common. There have been Australian TV shows travelling in the USA who asked from of the locals “where in the world is Australia?” Only 1/3rd of them responded correctly. We often have to deal with the Austria vs Australia thing.

    So I’m not really surprised that Daisy mentioned Spain with Latin America. Just another case of engaging the mouth before putting the brain in gear.

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