more typos, and bad news from rich companies

Check out the image below, I grabbed it from my MSN news window:


First, I’m not sure what my fixation is on typos hitting prime time. Probably because I’ve had crotchety old bosses that get really pissed when I’ve let something slip through (in one board meeting the chairman took a brochure we did, looked at it, and tore it in half. How’s that for leadership? Loser.) But even MSN doesn’t always spell stuff right. I think, last I checked, Microsoft Word comes with spell-check. (hey, just so you know, stay tuned on my JibberJobber site, I’m planning some typos of my own :p)

Second, Liz Claiborne recently died, and was credited with building an awesome dynasty ($5billion strong). Are they looking at ditching almost 20% of their revenue because those were the founder’s pet projects? Was she heavy-handed in managing the company, and this is a result of her not involved anymore? I’d love to get the inside story on this peculiar timing. I’d love to know if any of her family has ownership (and active management roles), and if the leadership that is doing this is brand new hatchet-men types, or if they have been quietly planning this for a while, etc. This kind of stuff intrigues me.

Of course, you know they should offer their terminated employees lifetime subscriptions to JibberJobber. It’s the least they could do.

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