Why Seth Godin could write about JibberJobber

Seth Godin’s BlogThere is only one real reason: because he’s Seth, and Seth writes about whatever the heck he wants.

And so maybe the title should really be “Why Seth Godin should write about JibberJobber” …

Seth blogs to people that like marketing, want to learn more about it, or just like reading about common sense. What he talks about is not rocket science, and its not gimmick – its so simple and obvious that most everyone overlooks his points until he brings them out. Anyway…

Seth should write about JibberJobber because it fits right into what his messages are. He talks about obvious things that marketings and managers should do and consider. I present JibberJobber as a tool that professionals should use to manage their relationships – it’s so obvious that most people don’t consider it. “I can manage my relationships without software,” “I don’t need to write names and numbers down to have strong relationships,” or any of the other obvious things.

Seth talks about career things. He talks about the power of referrals (isn’t this a networking thing?). He talks about the place of education in career management. Seth spoke to 8th graders about their futures and careers. I’m all about career management and JibberJobber is a super-powerful tool to help manage the rest of your career!

Seth talks about owning your own business and taking risks. His own story is super-inspiring. I know I’ll get lots of “no’s.” I already have. So if he says “no”to writing about this, that’s okay – I’m moving forward!

Seth likes cool technology. He talks about mashups – JibberJobber is full of mash ups (Google Maps, Skype, LinkedIn, Anagram… when does the fun end?) and other cool things like Jott. Jott is cool – JibberJobber is cool.

Seth even talks about a personal CRM tool… one that he “wishes he had.” This tool is really cool and forward thinking – JibberJobber is to a personal career what this CRM tool is to a small business.

But unlike a company CRM tool, JibberJobber stays with you as long as you want it – no matter what transitions you go through – no matter where you work – no matter how many relationships you are nurturing. Its your tool. It’s obvious. It’s clever.

Seth Godin could write about JibberJobber because it totally fits into what he writes about. And his readers would benefit from knowing about what might be the only career management tool that they need to start using right now.

JibberJobber - Career ToolsetAnd if you want to know why I think it’s so cool, check out some of the premium features that I’m highlighting. Of course, 90% of JibberJobber is free for life – so there’s no reason to not get started right now. But the $99 lifetime upgrade ends on April 9th… you have just a few days left to get this amazing 80% off deal!

4 thoughts on “Why Seth Godin could write about JibberJobber

  1. Kent Blumberg

    So what are you going to do to convince Seth to write about JJ?????

    How are you going to use your personal relationships to reach him? How are you going to show Seth how obvious JJ is? How will you get past his first five “no”s to a “yes?”

    Seth to write about you, go make it happen!


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