here are some more excellent endorsements or examples of support for JibberJobber. “Thanks” seems like its a word too small to express my gratitude….

Mike Murray - Episteme.caMike Murray and I bumped into each other through our blogs and hit it off pretty quick. What I didn’t know was that Mike is as passionate about sharing his thoughts/experiences on career management as I am. He came out with a book (which I wrote about) and has a cool following of black-hat/white-hats. There is no in-between. Mike, you rock.

Liz StraussLiz Strauss is a legend online with writers and bloggers – she’s had an amazing offline career and is a leader in the blogging world, hooking up bloggers, recognizing them, etc. She puts on a conference that I’m going to (crossing fingers) because I want to get some face-time with some of these amazing people she surrounds herself with. Liz did a 3 question interview just in time for the special – Liz – awesome! Thank you!

Andrew Flusche - LegalAndrew Andrew Flusche is one of my favorite “students”… he is finishing up law school and is, imho one of the best bloggers I’ve seen with regard to his efforts to make it better for him and his readers. Super-duper active with blog carnivals, that’s how I met him. He went on to do a 3-part review of JibberJobber and recently told his readers about the deal.

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  1. Andrew Flusche


    Thanks for the kind words and link here on your blog.

    I only wish that I could make it to SOBCon too. I’ll bet that’s going to be an amazing conference. Maybe next year.

    Take care,

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