Guy Kawasaki on pitching to a VC

Guy Kawasaki - the man, the miracleI’m not looking for VC money but I understand it’s not an overnight process, and it is important to cultivate relationships early. Combine that with my passion for networking and my curiousity about the funding space and I get a kick out of articles on how to get money, or pitch, or whatever.

And Guy Kawasaki has a cool style (not too brainy, very relatable (yes, I’m not brainy – I just admitted it – shoot, I even had to look up how to spell relatable!).

Anyway, I have had a problem answering various questions about JibberJobber – so I’ll practice #6 from his post entitled How to Get the Attention of a Venture Capitalist and come back in a year to see just how good it turns out to be!

What Does Your Company Do?

We provide web-based tools and information to the working professional. empowers professionals to own their career by providing relationship management, job search and career planning tools. is to a professional what CRM is to a salesperson. As one of our users stated, “JibberJobber isn’t just for a job search, it’s part of my life!”

What Problem Are You Solving?

We are supposed to change jobs at least 9 times during our career – and sometimes these transitions are not by our choice. Navigating through unemployment can be very difficult and emotional as many of us are not taught what we should be doing.

JibberJobber provides excellent tools to help people navigate a job search in a disciplined, systematic way that is aligned with best practices in networking and job search. Once you land the job, JibberJobber provides excellent tools to continue to manage your network relationships, track target companies and do other things that you should be doing for career management.

What’s special about your technology/marketing/expertise/connections?

The technology is similar to the hundreds of CRM applications for salespeople. There was nothing available to a regular person that was easy to use (without sales jargon, unnecessary reports, etc.). JibberJobber is designed specifically for the individual to manage career issues throughout your career.

JibberJobber’s marketing campaign has been typical bootstrap marketing (which is probably atypical traditional marketing). With a strong blogger network JibberJobber has been able to grow through blogger word-of-mouth. In addition, users usually share JibberJobber with friends, family and their network connections.

The management and technologists have expertise in projects very similar to JibberJobber. The team has worked together previously which has enabled a lot of progress in short period of time. While experienced in similar ventures, this is the first B2C marketing venture which has perhaps been a benefit since there are no preconcieved ideas on how to market B2C (considering traditional B2C marketing campaigns may not have valued the blogosphere as much).

Connections have been developed and nurtured since inception of JibberJobber and range from online to offline. Various relationships have added significant value with regard to marketing, strategic planning, technical execution/operations, financial strategy, etc. (note: I’ve often wondered how cool it would be to have a “fully staffed team” but recognize that I need to make up for this with network relationships)

Who Are You?

My name is Jason Alba. I am passionate about career management because I was laid off and had no idea how stressful a job search really is – but I learned pretty quick! Regardless of how “great” the economy is, or how low unemployment is, it’s not easy, nor fun. My passion lies in helping people navigate their career and do things that I neglected in my own career.

I received a BA in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from Idaho State University. I have worked with Internet appications since before 1998 and have experience with various types of projects, company sizes, customers, etc. I was the general manager at my last company where we had similar products (in totally different industries) which prepared me to move forward with the development and marketing of JibberJobber.

Yo Guy, thanks for the prompt to put this together!

Reminder: Only 2 more days to take advantage of the incredible lifetime for $99 offer! Scoot on over and upgrade now – it’s not going to be this cheap ever again (did I almost say never??)!

Where can/should I improve? (recognizing that this blog is a PUBLIC forum so maybe I’m not quite ready to share all of my secret sauce here…)

1 thought on “Guy Kawasaki on pitching to a VC

  1. Mike Sparr


    I was actually working on the same thing (email to VC) and your “email” copy is a great example on how you can phrase technical info in a very understandable manner.

    Your system sounds great and your sentence about how it works like CRM painted the picture perfectly. My business is not in HR/jobs but your post will certainly help me/others in taking a simple approach to explain sometimes complex topics.

    Thanks for posting this! And good luck, if you need it. 🙂

    Great Work!


    P.S. – I realized the challenges you mention and instead provided a free service for Montanan’s called (on the side). After realizing it would cost my company $472 for a 4-day job ad in the local paper, or $420 to advertise this site on the radio for 2 weeks, and get candidates and posters alike using it, eventually our online recruiting will be relatively free and we’re helping others. Perhaps I’ll link to your site JibberJobber to let them know of tools available.

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