Browser Cleanup: Entrepreneur Edition

I’m working on various projects and came across some GREAT reading for entrepreurs. I don’t agree with all of it, but this is really a great list of stuff to read if you have (or want) a web-based business:

4 Signs Your SaaS Business is Dying

Why an “Unlimited” Plan is Toxic for Your SaaS

Bootstrapped startups buck trend toward VC bucks

SaaS Crash Course: How To Make Drip Campaigns Your Biggest Marketing Asset

Choose a programming language best for your career?

If you have done any programming, you’ll know that programmers like to talk about which language is best. The conversation can be very passionate.  Here’s a great blog post and video on this topic:

Josh James Startup Rules

Two or three years ago I saw Josh James present at some networking thing in Salt Lake.  I think we walked away with a little book with his startup rules, which I found really interesting.

I recently found the rules online: My Startup Rules

Some of this might be offensive, but considering his success (1.8B sale to Adobe, and I’m guessing he’ll sell his next company for over a billion), you gotta admit, he knows a thing or two about business!

Maptia: A World of Stories

I found this site on a quora question (I think).  It is really quite cool – I love the idea of travel, but it’s not easy for me to get out and see any of these places.  Check it out here:


The Entrepeneur Iceberg

I saw this on Facebook… too true!


UI vs UX

On our video game design class this last week we talked about the difference between UI and UX.  I saw this on Twitter (hat tip to Gil Lee):


Facebook Friends at the Funeral

I saw this on, of course, Facebook:


Real Affordable Healthcare

I have been struggling with the ACA, focusing on health insurance, and thinking that it hasn’t made healthcare affordable, or even necessarily accessible, by still too many people.

I think this article is what really needs to happen, world-wide.  This is awesome, and I’m scratching my head wondering why it hasn’t been done before.  Kudos to the engineering team who took it on and did it:

BYU engineers create inexpensive ‘do-it-yourself wheelchair’

To really make healthcare affordable, we need to go to the heart of the cost, which is not necessarily health insurance (or access to).  Although there are plenty of problems with insurance, such as driving the cost of healthcare up more than 100%, or not being available to people (although, as a private business… should they have to be available to everyone??).

Anyway, why are pills so expensive? Why can’t I do a strep test at home, for less than $5?  Why can’t kids have wheelchairs for less than $50, and allow us to make them ourselves?

I love this article… it’s heart-warming.  We need to support more stuff like this.

How Startups Work (in code)

I saw this from Phil801′s post on Facebook:


90 Presentation Tips from Toastmasters

I usually don’t like long lists of things… but as a professional presenter I think this list is superb:

90 Tips from Toastmaster