Podcasting Microphones Review By Marco.org

After recording my new Job Search Program I’m thinking of swapping out my mic setup. A hundred years ago I I recorded my first DVD and courses on JibberJobber with a $30 logitech headset. I know, I know. I honestly had no idea how bad it was… or I should say, I didn’t know how good it could have been if I used a better mic.


When I started with Pluralsight to do soft skills courses (I’ve done 33 courses for them and hope to do more!) I got a Rode Podcaster (which is on the review page below, but not a favorite of his). It felt like an expensive investment… somewhere around $200. Before I settled on that I got a freaking awesome Shure mic, but needed more hardware and was no interested in dropping like $600ish for a mic. I was new enough to not know what I was doing, but I did know I didn’t have $600ish in the budget.

I’ll definitely look at his #1 recommendation here… it’s less than $400, and the audio sounds good. I especially love this part of his review:  “It picks up nearly zero room echo and very little background noise…”

So here you go… looking for a new mic? You have to look at this page.

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