Pluralsight Is Changing Education, And The World

I just spent time at the first ever Pluralsight Live conference… it was AMAZING.

I knew it was going to be amazing, but every year I go to a Pluralsight conference I’m more amazed.  How they’ll top this is a question I’ve asked every time.

This year they opened it up to customers, so it was not just “authors” (or, content producers).  It was so cool to hear from customer who use Pluralsight to keep their teams up to speed on technology.  That was the old value proposition of Pluralsight. Some new announcements showed that the new value proposition includes that but really builds on it.

Iris, or Pluralsight IQ, will help managers and executives really understand what talent and skills they have in their company. This sounds kind of simple, but think about it: how many times would a business strategist say “we want to build XYZ, but we probably don’t have the talent to do it… so let’s go hire it.”  All the while, not knowing that they indeed have the exact talent needed to build XYZ… they have just never recognized that talent.

Pluralsight IQ will solve that problem. We heard from at least CxOs of two companies, one with 250,000 people and one with 100,000 people, and it was clear that this new feature will change how they get stuff done.

When I was in school, learning programming, we learned on VB 3. I think, at the time, companies where programming in VB 5 or 6. Why was our curriculum so outdated?

At Pluralsight, sometimes courses roll out the day a new technology is released. The course wasn’t thrown together… it’s a result of the relationships Pluralsight and the authors have… they get special access early, and can time their training release to the product release. You would be hard pressed to find that kind of current up-to-date training in a university setting.

The way we learn is changing.  Pluralsight is pioneering and creating the education of the future. Want in on it?  Get a trial here.


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