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I’m on Facebook — Now What??? (Call for submissions)

This last year I wrote “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???” which has become a wildly successful book to help professionals wrap their brains around LinkedIn, and figure out what they should do (aside from just logging in to accept invitations).  How do I know it is wildly successful?  Because my son just bought one from me a couple of days ago… that’s saying something!

Anyway, this time I’m teaming up with Facebook guru Jesse Stay to write I’m on Facebook — Now What???  I thought about writing this earlier this year but decided not to because I figured the 30million (at the time) signups on Facebook either (a) didn’t need it, or (b) didn’t/wouldn’t read books.  I assumed that all/most of them where college kids… assumptions, assumptions.

Obviously, FB has taken the world by storm, and there are a lot more than just college kids looking to get hooked up there.  People are using it for personal branding, business branding, marketing (books, warez, services, etc.) … and it’s not exclusive to college kids anymore.

It’s also growing quickly, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah – you already know this stuff.  It’s hot.

If you are interested in contributing please send an e-mail to my e-mail (Jason @ JibberJobber dot com) with anything you would advice the readers.  Do you have FB advice?  Suggestions on how to use it?  What to do or not do with your profile, applications, privacy issues, etc?  Do you have any specific examples or case studies of people getting jobs, selling things, etc. on Facebook?  Send them in!

After reading the book people are going to walk away with ideas and actionable suggestions, not just a history and understanding of FB.

If you are a blogger, or in the media, please shoot me an e-mail and I’ll put you on the list to get an early draft (probably not edited) so we can get your early input, possibly an endorsement, etc.  We’d like to spread the word as much as possible… if you can help let me know.  And, the publisher has an affiliate program that offers a lot more than Amazon’s piddly affiliate program.

If you want to get a better idea of the LinkedIn book, to see how it’s marketed, pricing, etc. you can check it out at

Where to submit press releases

I’m going to keep a running list of places to submit press releases here, since I have to do my own :p

From YoungPRPros mailing list: – “…works well, it appears very quickly in Google News, and you can add an image (which most often than not, also appears in Google News). The only downside is that you can’t embed hyperlinks.” (hat tip to Livia Squires for the site and Rachel Hawkes for the comments on the site) Update from Livia – you can embed hyperlinks – see her example here.

From another Yahoo! list (11/8/07): UGH – I registered, but can’t complete without printing out a pdf, signing it and then faxing it in. I don’t have a fax machine yo! easy to do, here’s my first submission (no registration required)

Props to Linda Blatchford.

Last call for LinkedIn book input

life_saver.jpgI’d like to get a few more one or two sentence quotes (gems) that are going at the end of the chapters… here are some examples of how they are going to look:

For the chapter on ANSWERS:

“When you ask a question on the “Answers” forum take the time to thank each person who tried to help. Then remember to close and rate the question. People have taken the time to help you; it is simple common courtesy to thank them.”

— Sheilah Etheridge, owner of SME Management

For the chapter on SEARCHING

“Browse the networks of others. Take the time to look through the networks of your direct connects. This is where you can easily find people you’d like to connect with and you’ll know you can ask your contact to help with the connection.”

— Scott Ingram,

Note, I’m not looking for “LinkedIn is great” comments, rather specific gems that pertain to the chapters. Here is what I need (the number represents how many quote I’m looking for):

  • Account and Settings 4
  • Searching 4
  • How Degrees of Separation Works 5
  • Recommendations 4
  • Jobs & Hiring 5
  • Services 5
  • LinkedIn Groups 5
  • LinkedIn Answers 3
  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding 5
  • Shady Practices 5
  • On Netiquette 5
  • Complementary Tools and Resources 5

If you can, please send me one or two sentences for any of the above chapters… (jason at jibberjobber dot com) … thanks!

Tips from Wendy Enelow

Wendy Enelow - accomplished authorI asked Wendy for some do’s and don’ts on book promotion – here’s a quick list:


  1. Be visible – at conferences, workshops, etc. – either as a speaker and/or an exhibitor.
  2. Set up an e-commerce site to sell your book online.
  3. Join many professional associations as a vehicle to increase your visibility and generate more book sales.
  4. Connect with “specialty” audiences that may be interested in your book (e.g., for my military resume book, I do a look of military job fairs).
  5. Write articles – paid or not – to increase visibility of you and the book.
  6. Send free copies to various search engines, websites, publications and more in anticipation of getting free press.
  7. Send a press release announcing your book ( is a great resource for this).


  1. Don’t waste your time doing book signings at bookstores. They rarely yield more than a bare handful of book sales.
  2. Don’t rely on the publisher to do all of the book marketing. They’re going to rely on you heavily to get the word out.

Thanks Wendy!