3 Domains No One Wanted?

I had a phrase idea last week as I was reaching out to someone… it’s funny because this seemed like a phrase that is totally common and used.  Used in a sentence, the phrase might look like this:

“It’s time to get to work, and put finger to keyboard.”

Recognize where that might have come from?  How about pen to paper, or pencil to paper?

Being the guy I am, I went to my domain tool to see if anyone else had thought of and bought fingertokeyboard.com. It is available!  Out of curiosity, I checked pentopaper.com and penciltopaper.com, too, and they are both available.

I don’t have a business that would use any of those three, like a writing business (resumes, editing, marketing, copywrite, etc.), so they aren’t for me.  But in this world where it seems like every domain has been acquired by someone else, I was surprised to see all three of these free.

And, it made me wonder if I’m alone in this thinking (which validates that I’m a weird thinker :p).

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