Why Homeschool?

Here’s a fun article in my local newspaper about a family in Arkansas who homeschools: ‘Brainy Bunch’ family puts 7 kids in college — all by age 12

I’m not sure how many homeschool families aspire to this (I’m guessing it is less than 1%).  And honestly, getting my kids into school before they are 12 is not on my list.  I love the dad’s line at the end: “Truly, we’re just average.”  “Yeah, right,” most people would argue… average.  That makes pretty much everyone else way, way below average :p

The haters come out and tell why it’s so horrible that these socially deprived kids have lost out on their childhoods, etc. etc. etc.  All the lame, uninformed reasons why no one should homeschool.

Let’s get beyond those sophmoric, insecure whinings, and dig a little deeper.  Those kids seem well-accomplished, driven, and pursuing passions and interests.  Quite a bit different than what I saw in my schooling, with more of the glazed over look, or the socialization that I got, which was how to be street smart (read: not get beat up).

But that’s not why we homeschool.  Here’s part of the article that touches on one thing we love about homeschooling:

“Hannah was whizzing through the math and saying, ‘Mom, do I really have to do the rest of this chapter? It’s so repetitive,’” Mona Lisa said. “And we’d say no just do the odd (questions) or the even ones or just skip the rest of that chapter because we know that you know that… and next thing you know, she’s ready for some advanced math.”

We love allowing kids to go at their own pace, learning what they are interested in… what an awesome part of life-long education!

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