Playing with Camtasia

Okay, I just got a lot more dangerous.

I have been playing with Camtasia to edit my videos… here’s the first edited video I’ve done (I’ll post this on JibberJobber next week):

Is that cool or what?

Well yeah, of course the content is cool… but here’s what I did with the built-in editor Camtasia provides:

  1. Added an arrow to show you were to look,
  2. Zoomed in and out a couple of times,
  3. Added a “note” at the end…
  4. Added a watermark (see bottom right)

I almost cut out some audio but I am not ready for that massive step in editing yet.  I’ll get there.

I also need to figure out why this is not BIGGER… I know where the setting is to save it as a big video, but I must have clicked the wrong button…

Anyway, cool stuff, huh?


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