Owning Up to it in Court

When I was in school I took a business communications class.  I remember the professor said the #1 reaction to something bad, from a company, was “we didn’t do it!”

Complete denial.

I hated that concept.

If a company did something wrong, especially knowingly (but even if they didn’t know it) they should own up to it, not deny it.

This is abundant in the business world.

Similarly, it makes me sick when people who do bad stuff go to court and plead innocence.  I’m sure their lawyers recommend that tactic, but what would happen to our world, society, economy, etc. if people simply plead whatever the most honest plea is?

That’s exactly what a young man in Utah did.  You can read the article here: Man apologizes for killing classmate, says he’s ready for consequences

Wow.  This is a man of integrity (at least on this topic. I don’t know him and can’t vouch for him, but on this topic, I think it’s extraordinary).

Awesome quotes:

“… Angilau himself told the court he was ready to face the consequences of his actions.”

“I want to be held accountable for this. I’ll do whatever to make this right, or as right as possible.”

This is one of those stories you can read to restore your faith in humanity.

I would love to see this type of response from more people in court.

1 thought on “Owning Up to it in Court

  1. Kent

    Before I experienced social media attack. I thought apologize and admit making mistakes are easy, but after someone attack me (which I have done something wrong), I needed to deal with my ego in order to apologize. I am not sure you have experienced before.

    But, eventually I was able to do it.

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