Two Entrepreneur Words

I recently posted my 5 favorite words, as a business owner, designer, product manager.  Here are two more words I’ve been thinking about lately.  Both have to do with marketing something… when someone wants to buy “something” from you, you have to be able to easily communicate what “it” is that you have to offer.

System: “7 steps to ___,” or “4 ___ in 4 days,” or something like that.  Think: Seven Habits of ______.  People like to know you’ve (supposedly) thought of all the angles and have come up with an amazing SYSTEM that solves their problem.

Package: Very similar concept to a “system,” but a package doesn’t have to have a system to/in it.  The package can be something like “buy 8 hours for the price of 10,” or “get a book, ebook, DVD and upgrade for ___.”  I do this here.

If you are a consultant I recommend you do this immediately – your clients expect it (even if they don’t know they expect it.

Go check out my other 5 favorite words – I didn’t realize this was going to be a series, and will probably be an ongoing series… 🙂

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