Entrepreneur Reads from Ben Yoskovitz & Fred Wilson

My mind is in entrepreneurial stuff as I think about wrapping up Eight Lunches (what is the definition of “good enough??).

Here are three excellent reads for entrepreneurs:

A Postmortem Analysis of Standout Jobs: Ben founded Standout Jobs and then sold it… for a net financial loss.  Too many times we put on our smiley faces when asked about our companies… and Ben could have bragged about a “successful exit,” but he is a true blogger… very transparent.  This is a MUST read.

Paying Yourself is Not a Reason to Raise Early Stage Funding: Very important read for anyone looking to raise money.  You raise money to be able to make more money, not to reduce the stress from on founders bank accounts…

What A CEO Does: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. It has the THREE things a CEO is responsible for (and a message about delegating the rest).

Cool stuff – worth the time to read them.

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