San Diego and Walking (MapMyWalk)

I am in San Diego and went on a walk this morning.  To map out my walk so I could record the distance I did a quick search and found the amazing, awesome, just-what-I-was-looking-for map found here, on’s walking page.

It is powered by MapMyWalk but I’m too busy/lazy right now to figure out how to put it on my own site…. for now I’ll use About’s page when I’m on the road (which is going to be a lot this next 6 months).

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts about my trip this time, my second time to San Diego:

  • San Diego is a beautiful place, I think.  Sunny and all that.  Except when it’s all cloudy and gloomy, which is exactly how it has been since I’ve gotten here.  That’s okay, it’s been quite sunny in Utah.
  • I love seeing surfers walking around town, barefoot and carrying their surfboards around, or driving around with surfboards on their cars.  Saw this in Malibu a lot … a fun part of the culture.
  • It’s okay for me to call people DUDE around here…. yeah 🙂
  • Had excellent Mexican food, which is what I expected coming this close to MX (even though the hotel receptionist said I had to go to MX to get the real stuff, this was pretty awesome :)).
  • Walking through downtown S.D., like any big town (granted, this isn’t big, but it is downtown) is interesting. I forgot how stinky big cities can be… lots of homeless people here (great weather – many homeless in Utah leave during the winter), and I heard things like “GETTING OFF PAROLE IS YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!” (was a phone call) and “YOU *&%% @##%$, YOU ARE ON TOO MANY DRUGS,” (that was a guy shouting to a girl on the street.  The guy was good looking, well-dressed, British accent… and very frustrated with the drugged-out girl.  All this stuff makes me feel like i don’t get out enough!
  • Parking is fun here – went to a grocery store with Susan Joyce ( and we parked in the stores only parking lot – a somewhat open, UNDERGROUND parking lot.
  • The trees and plants are amazing.  Super cool trees, and birds of paradise plants… simply awesome.

Now, back to work.  My next trip is to D.C. in a few weeks.

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