Effective Video Communication

After my video guy did the first edition of the What is JibberJobber intro I asked my Twitter people for feedback. ¬†Karin Hermans responded with links to two resources… THANK YOU KARIN!

Here’s a link to Octane’s video, which she really liked.

Here’s a link to a blog post titled The Key to Effective Communications – Scope vs. Detail. ¬†Great stuff there.

And here’s the second edition of the video we created:

1 thought on “Effective Video Communication

  1. Kathy Bitschenauer

    Hi, Jason,

    Cool video! I love the way you introduce the benefits of Jibber Jobber, beginning with your own story, then showing in simple steps how one can use it to manage their own job search data. The length is just right, enough detail and scope to show a viewer the power of the tool.



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