Entrepreneur: Character and Stamina

I’m hanging out with my wife this week as she recovers from surgery.  I am her best friend since she can’t lift for 10 days, so I get to give her our three month old for feeding (and put him back – makes for long days and nights 🙁

Anyway, we got a bunch of  movies, one of which is The Miracle Match, which is the story of the 1950 throw-together soccer team for USA who beat England in a World Cup match – that obviously wasn’t supposed to happen.

Cool movie, cool story.  My favorite part has to be when the coach gave his pep talk toward the end of the movie, at half-time of the big game.  He said something like:

“…the team who wins will be the team who has character and stamina…”

Love it, I absolutely love it.

As an entrepreneur, I am not sure if there are any two other things that are more important.  Lots of other things are important, but I think if I focus on CHARACTER (dang, I need to respond to blog comments better) and STAMINA (not giving up… playing hard to the end… “leaving nothing on the field”) I will be OKAY.

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur: Character and Stamina

  1. Gary Dale Cearley

    Character and stamina are required for anything that is worth doing. Not only huge tasks but even the small tasks like your taking care of your three-month-old and wife while doing your regular daily duties – then blogging! You are right. Anything that is worth doing requires these traits.

    And I would like to the The Miracle Match as well. Thanks for the mini-review!

  2. reinkefj

    More attention to the baby, please. If you drop anything, then let it be us. (Dropping child will annoy wife who did all the hard work.) We’ll still be here when you get back. Remember to ring the gong of MINDFULNESS. You’ll never have this much “fun” again. Nor pass this way again. Can’t recapture the lost opportunity of “not dropping the child”. 🙂 Excuse me, the attendant is passing out the new meds. Have to get my share. ROFL.

  3. kevin

    nice post.. as Gary said, these two factors are required for every task you… You should also have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and should motivate yourself… I would like to prefer this e-book which I found quite useful as an entrepreneur…

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