Business ADD

I have a weird brain.  I have been told I am a “unique” thinker… which usually means I’m thinking of weird or off-the-wall stuff…. ideas that don’t always fair well in a corporate setting.

I also need to multi-task.  For example, today my goal is to get my inbox down by a couple hundred (a great task to do while healing my torn calf)… but I had to take a break to do this blog post.  Because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and because now seems like a good time.

Today I will also contribute to the design of JibberJobber, sales and marketing of my LinkedIn DVD, writing one of the three books I’ve started, and probably another blog post or two.  And a few tweets here and there.

I came up with my 10 revenue streams, and work to move each one forward as appropriate (some are on the back burner where they wait patiently, others are on the front burner where they are simmering).

When I’m sitting I need brain candy.  This is either Internet, work, TV, movies or reading.  Last night before bed I started Harry Potter again – I can’t just “go to bed….” must have something for my brain.

I wonder if I’m ADD, but I don’t want to insult anyone and self-diagnose, since I don’t know much about ADD.

I do think that in order to be successful down the path I’ve started, I need to have some level of “Business ADD.”

How else would I be able to work on multiple things at once, making progress on them, without the ability to pull out of one project and go into another project, time after time, throughout the day?

Would I be more successful if I could just focus on one project?  Not sure.  But I’ve chosen my path with 10 revenue streams, and I feel like I need to be able to jump around.

Maybe I need professional help – thoughts?

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