LinkedIn will be back soon (I hope)

I’m working on a powerpoint for my presentation on Wednesday… it was due last Friday.  Here’s the message I get right now:

This is one of my great presentation fears, especially when I plan on going online (I usually have a ppt backup, but don’t want to get caught with this message when I plan on going online).

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn will be back soon (I hope)

  1. Jennifer McClure

    I’ve had this happen at least twice when doing a presentation on LinkedIn. Like you, I can go forward without it, and I’ve learned never to expect it to be up or moving a “normal speed” when it’s time to Go. I guess that’s unfortunate, but I guess I get what I pay for. 🙂

  2. Kent Blumberg

    Me, too! I’ve learned to make screen shots of what I would have done on-line, and have them loaded up ready to go. With a little work, it can look almost as if we are live on-line.

  3. Mike Schaffner

    You’ve been caught in one of the downsides of “cloud computing”. You give up control of the underlying infrastructure. While this can be good if you are not in a position to do it yourself it can come back to bite you when the cloud provider fails in their service.

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