I hate binding books

I’m working on the second edition of my LinkedIn book.  It’s going to come out very nice.  

I went through the first book and red-lined all the stuff that needed to change… mostly grammar and spelling.  I am amazed at how many changes needed to be made – I’m not sure how many but I’m guessing at least five per page, and there are about 100 pages.  

How could 500 errors get through????

It pays to have a good editor… that’s what I learned.

I also learned, as I went through and incorporated the edits into the manuscript, that it pays to have the book spiral bound.  Not something I like to do, and it actually took me out of commission for a few hours while I was waiting to have it done (so I canned peaches with my family while I was waiting), but WOW – what a huge difference it makes to be able to lay the book out and not worry about it closing while I’m typing.

I think I’m going to keep this spiral-bound book, with markings and highliter, as a reminder of things: 

Like how I thought the first book was the bomb, but it really could use hundreds of edits/fixes.

And how a $4 investment in spiral binding really saved my sanity during the process.

Amazing how valuable $4 is sometimes!

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