Dabbling in affiliate marketing, only when it makes sense

I get requests to join affiliate programs weekly.  One crossed my virtual desk and after a few e-mails I decided to sign up to see if it would really.  My key criteria is that it has to make sense to my JibberJobber users, as I don’t want to cheapen the offering I give them now, only enhance the value.

That’s where RevResponse comes in.  I now have a cobranded site where my readers/users can find publications they are interested in, from magazines to whitepapers.  The value-add criteria for me was that this was free for my users to sign up for, and no bait-and-switch later.  My contact told me that was the case… sounds too good to be true, right?

Check this out – just for blogging about it, they are paying me $50 buckaroos…. I’m not sure how they make their money but they seem to have a good group of affiliates, and I’m happy to be associated with them.  I’ll start introducing their publication offerings in the blog soon, and then during the JibberJobber user experience after we get some demographic information from the user.

Sound cool?  If you are a blogger, you can do this to. What do you get when your reader subscribes to a magazine or signs up for a white paper?  At least $1.50 per signup… and up to $20 per signup (let me know which ones those are!).

If you are interested, click on the image to get started!  What do you think?

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