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I participate as much as I can in the My LinkedIn Power Forum, and have for about two years.  It’s been very cool to see how things change and evolve there.

Rarely have I seen something as cool as this.  It is an e-mail (see below) where a member does a play-by-play of how an e-mail thread evolves.  Realize that this is a summary of a number of e-mails throughout the thread, but the way he lays it out is just plain cool.

The problem with the daily digest is the loss of the excitement of the chase – it is just like fishing:

The quarry was there:

Posted by: “Brock Henderson”

(Something about job search or career management… )

The hook was baited:

Posted by: “Jason Alba”

Brock, I agree… and that’s why I’d be on the lookout for a good career management tool :p

The nibbles started:

Posted by: “Brock Henderson”


I seriously doubt such a thing exists.

And then the strike!

Posted by: “Jason Alba”

I seem to think JibberJobber does a pretty good job of serving as a career
management tool 😉

The digest removes the thrill of the chase – the anticipation started at Jason’s first post but was over in the blink of an eye.

Actually, I can’t remember anything as cool as this on an e-mail. Kudos to Andrew Baker, from Australia, for putting it together.

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