MSN Does It Again

When I first login I have the IM client set to automatically login, and I get the MSN news, gossip and all that stuff open in it’s own window. I always click over to “News” to see what’s going on.

But this one caught my eye:


I love it. It’s just missing one simple word. But this went to probably tens of millions. This is portraying their brand.

Why do I find and care about stuff like this? Probably because of the time when I presented new brochures in a board meeting at my old company and the chairman crumpled the pamphlet and threw it at the wall when he found something he didn’t like.

I got the impression we were mickey mouse, and that other real companies would never, ever make mistakes like that.

… alas, I love finding the big companies making mistakes.

Not that I’m immune from it, as I know my mistakes are (and will be plentiful), maybe I just like knowing that nothing is as perfect as it seems.

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