2 Twitter enhancements to make me smile for a week!

I’m using real info on this, outting my new Twitter buddy. Actually, we met on Saturday in person, and I doubt Clint would care if you know he and I hang out (well, hung out for 20 minutes :p).

Here’s the e-mail I get when someone follows me on Twitter:

Herlo on Twitter is now following me

I would so love it if they also told me:

  1. If I was following this person. If the name and handle doesn’t ring a bell, it would be uber-helpful. Plus, if I already know who they are, and you TELL me that I’m following them, then I don’t have to click through to check. Please Ev, do that one for me?
  2. Please plug in their little summary. If I don’t recognize their name or handle, this would really help. Especially if you make their URL a hyperlink, so I can click on it from my e-mail. You know what I’m talking about, all this stuff:

Twitter about me area

Oh yeah, include the stats, also. That way if they are following 3,000+ people and have 4 people following them I KNOW I don’t want to be #5.

Herlo’s stats, as of right now.

Evan, seriously,this would take your programmer like 20 minutes to do. Please make my life just a little easier!

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