I’m For Hire (not what you think – read on)

bicep.gifI’ve been thinking about this for a long time… and don’t want to send the wrong impression out, so please read on.

First, just to squash any rumors, JibberJobber is still #1 for me. No doubt about that. Big time #1. Things are going fast and furious with the business.

Now that we got that out of the way…

I’m also a new author (the book just hit Amazon yesterday). This book has been making its way through the blogosphere, and career experts have given enthusiastic thumbs-ups on this, and I’m excited about it. In fact, I just bought 200 because I’m going to 3 conferences in the next 6 weeks and figure I can move them all. There are a number of reasons I wrote this book, but notice that it’s directly related to the career/networking space I’m in, and I didn’t find this to be a deviation from my strategy at all.

So now, down to business. I’ve been doing Internet work for about 10 years. All kinds of stuff – I’m good at some stuff and not into other stuff (I’m not a graphics/layout designer). Here’s what I’m offering:

1 hour phone consultation – I’ll spend an hour with you talking about whatever you want. Usually this is geared around what I’ve done with JibberJobber (getting it from zero-to-market in 2 months, and/or marketing, blog marketing strategy, etc.) . I’ve done this a number of times in the last year and feel pretty confident that this will be an hour packed full of good information. You can record the session as long as it stays private. $250/hour.

3 hours of website analysis – I love checking out your website/blog strategy and giving feedback. This usually takes about two to three hours, as I go through the entire thing, and some extra stuff (to see how it’s marketed, possibly checking out the competition, etc.). If I don’t take the entire three hours I’ll spend the remainder with you on the phone if you want. $500

If you want to hire me, let me know – Jason at JibberJobber dot com

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